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Importance Of Green Foods

Importance Of Green FoodsADVERTISEMENTS: Meaning – Here, term green is indicative of purity. Green means pure in quality and fair or just in dealing. For instance, green advertising means advertising without negative impact on society. Green message means mature and neutral facts, free of exaggeration or ambiguity. Green marketing is extremely debated subject for lay individuals to extremely professional groups. Concept of green marketing concerns with protection of ecological environment. Modern marketing has created a lot of problems. Growth in marketing activities resulted into rapid financial growth, mass production with the use of advanced technology, comfortable and luxurious life, style, severe competition, use of unhealthy marketing tactics and techniques to attract clients, exaggeration in advertising, liberalization and globalization, creation of multinational companies, retailing and distribution by giant MNCs, etc., created many problems.

Departmental stores, specialty stores, and shopping centres are invaded by useful as well as useless products. These all factors have threatened welfare of individuals and ecological balance as well. Particularly, giant factories became the origin of different pollutions. Production, consumption and disposal of many products affect environment adversely. Excessive pollution has provoked the Nature and the Nature starts behaving in unnatural ways. Financial growth via production and consumption threatens peaceful life of human being on the earth. Green marketing is an attempt to defend consumer welfare and environment through production, consumption, and disposal of eco friendly products. Fundamentally, green marketing concerns with 3 aspects: 1.

benefits of green foodsPromotion of production and consummation of pure/quality products. Fair and just dealing with clients and society, and – 3. Protection of ecological environment. Global ecological imbalance and global warming have called upon environmentalists, scientists, social organizations, and advising ordinary people to initiate the concrete efforts to stop further deterioration of ecological environment. The World Bank, the SAARC, the UNO, the WHO, along with other globally influential organizations have started their efforts to promote and practice green marketing. The world environment summit at Copenhagen is the mega event that shows the gravity of ecological imbalance. To increase consciousness, 5th June is declared as the World Environment Day.

Green marketing focuses on protection of long term welfare of consumers and society by production and use of pure, useful, and top quality products without any negative effects on the environment. Mass media have started their campaign to protect the earth from further deterioration. Worldwide efforts are made to conserve natural water resources. Therefore, green marketing is a marketing philosophy that promotes production and sale of pure products with protection of ecological balance. Green marketing involves multiple activities. Green Marketing encourages production of pure products by pure technology, conservation of energy, preservation of environment, minimum use of natural resources, and more use of natural foods instead of unhealthy foods.