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Health Benefits Of Avocados

Health Benefits Of AvocadosBy Natural Blaze. Including avocado with your meals might help you feel fuller for longer and reducing your appetite for overweight adults to eat more, according to new research recently published on the consumption of avocados. Researchers at Loma Linda University investigated whether adding fresh avocado to a midday meal had any effect on insulin response, levels of blood sugar, emotions of fullness and food intake for the rest of the day. Their initial findings established that there was indeed a basis for further research into the advantages of adding avocado to a meal or replacing some portions of the meal with fresh avocado.

The Hass Avocado Board is currently economically supporting several clinical studies to discover if there’s a relationship between increased consumption of avocados and positive effects on diabetes mellitus, weight management and risk factors of coronary disease. At the meantime, here are 10 health advantages of avocados that we already know: 1. Advantages in pregnancy. Avocados are a natural source of folic acid which contains folic acid and is essential for the development of a healthful fetus. The synthetic versions of folic acid are recommended for all women who’re planning to become pregnant, eating avocados is a simpler and tastier option! – 2.

avocado benefits for weight lossAvocados are brimming with good fats. You can have heard that you should steer clear of avocados because of their high fat content. This isn’t quite the case. While they’re very high in fat these are monounsaturated fats or good fats. They help good heart health and help to lower blood pressure level. The monounsaturated fats found in avocados may also help to reverse insulin resistance which might lead to the development of type 2 diabetes. Fantastic source of E vitamin. Avocados are the fruits with the highest level of Vitamin E vitamin is a vital vitamin and can help to maintain overall health.

E vitamin also has positive effects on heart problems, stroke, cancer prevention, and development of cataracts and is widely claimed to have antiaging properties. Source of dietary fiber. Avocados contain both soluble and insoluble fiber meaning they help to reduce levels of cholesterol by preventing re absorption, help to maintain bowel function and may help the body to avoid blood sugar spikes after meals. You know precisely what you are getting whenever you purchase an avocado. During the time of writing there are no genetically modified avocado crops. Avocados have such a thick skin that the interior fruits is protected from pesticides making the cost of organic avocados something you may easily bypass.

Avocados are a brain food. Dr. Daniel G. Amen considers them among the best brain healthful foods that you could consume to help reduce the potential risk of developing Alzheimers. Omega-3 fatty acid as well as E vitamin are naturally occurring in avocados and have been clinically tested to stop Alzheimers disease from progressing and possibly even reversing the very early stages.