easy green papaya salad recipe
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Green Papaya Salad Recipe

Green Papaya Salad RecipeGreen Papaya Salad, or Som Tam, is a common dish eaten through Thailand. Feel free to add that if you want. This dish is easily made vegetarian by omitting the dried shrimp, and substituting salt for the fish sauce. Ingredients – 1 cup shredded :green papaya: 1 tablespoon dried small shrimp – Directions – First prepare the papaya before peel the dark green skin.


Then, hold the papaya in your hand, and smack the fruits lengthwise with a good sized knife. You want to create 1/2 or so deep cuts in the fruit. Do that over and over until you have created a fair amount of cuts. Watch your fingers. Then, cut the papaya lengthwise to produce long strips. You may also buy tools which may create long shreds, or use a cheese grater. Thai people use the knife method though! – In a :ceramic mortar and pestle:, add the whole garlic cloves and chilies. Pound with the pestle a few times to mash, then add the long beans. Pound a few more times, and add a pinch of papaya.easy green papaya salad recipe This helps mix the garlic & chilies. Pound some more. Add the palm sugar, fish sauce or salt and pound more. Make certain everything is well mixed. Add the tomato, chopped into large pieces. Pound more, but not as hard. Add the lime juice, dried shrimp and the rest of the papaya. Pound about 10-15 times while stirring with a spoon. You would like to evenly coat the papaya with the juices while pounding the flavour into the papaya, but do not pound so hard that the papaya disintegrates. Add the peanuts, mix and serve. Note: Do not pound the papaya too hard. You would like to gently bruise the fruits, not smash it into pieces or make it soggy. The papaya should be crunchy. You need to use a special :ceramic mortar and pestle: to prepare this dish.