Exotic Green Fruit
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Exotic Green Fruit

Exotic Green FruitNext time you visit Livingstone in Zambia, explore the distinctive tropics fruits that this part of the world has to offer. For fruits lovers, it’ll be a memorable pursuit. Well, I selected ten common African fruits that one may easily find in Livingstone. Get ready with your fruity tastebuds as you read on and more importantly look out for these fruits and their trees the next time you visit Zambia especially Livingstone. Mubuyu is a hard elongated bell shelled fruits with a smooth brown-to green velvet surface. When this fruits ripens it may be cracked open to uncover numerous seeds covered in a cream white powder.

This fruits comes from a large Baobab tree which is frequently referred to as the upside down tree due to the root like appearance of its branches. Mubuyu has a little bit like cream-of tartar and its dry seeds can be sucked like candy or impregnated to make some fruits juice. You’ll find this fruits at nearly all the local markets in Livingstone especially at Maramba Market and Dambwa Central Market. Musika is a pod like finger shaped fruits which has a tangy taste of sweet and sour. It’s brown seeds covered with the pulp that holds the flavour of this fruit.

types of exotic fruitsIts trees are easily found in Livingstone and you may also find this fruits at the markets in Livingstone. You may also soak shelled out Musika in water to make some fruits juice out of it. Monso is a fleshy juicy brown seeded fruit. It’s a very filling fruits as it a lot more chewable flesh than its seed. On a sunny day in Livingstone, Monso monso will be an ideal thirst quenching fruit. Muchenje is a grapes like yellow fruits that’s common in Livingstone. It’s brown seeds and has a pleasant fruity aroma. It’s the monkey’s favored fruit. Its trees are commonly found at the Victoria Falls and game park surrounding woods in Livingstone.

When Muchenje is in season, you can find it at nearly all the markets in Livingstone. Mahuluhulu is a hard rind fruits which has luscious seeded flesh and it’s got a shape and size of a small bowling ball. When fully ripe, it turns yellow outwards and has brown sweet juicy pulp inside. You’ll have to gently crack it with a hummer or make a hole in it and pour out the juice or suck the juice from each lamp you put in your mouth. Its trees can be found almost everywhere in Livingstone, stretching from residential areas to the outer wilder lands of Livingstone. Its fruity odor is a pleasant one and it’s just like a mixture of Watermelon and citrus flavors. One way to find out if a mature piglet is by shaking it and you’ll hear a sound.