coconut water for wrinkles
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Coconut Water Good For Wrinkles

Coconut Water Good For WrinklesCoconut water is packed with nutrients. What about all the health claims? Photo by DreamFoto2010 Fotolia. WHY ITS DIFFERENT: The terms coconut water and coconut juice are used interchangeably for a watery liquid that’s about 46 calories a cup. Much higher calorie products are coconut nectar, a sap from the treecoconut milk, pressed from the dried meat of the mature coconut, and coconut cream, a denser version of coconut milk. See the Table Of Contents of the August – 2011 issue of THE NIBBLE, plus the back – issues archive and our most popular articles. All of the Top Picks Of The Week are – permanently archived on

In chronological order and product category. lists 252 mg of sodium, 57.6 mg of calcium, 60 mg of magnesium, 48 mg of phosphorus, and 600 mg of potassium in one cup of coconut water. These figures differ significantly between brands. The majority of the coconut waters I saw contained much less sodium, for starters. If these measurements are accurate, though, based on recommended daily tolerances for adults 18 and over, coconut water might be a great source of magnesium, potassium and sodium, depending upon varying needs. Make sure to check out the important section on electrolytes on the lower 50% of the page.

coconut water for wrinklesAs is typical of an of the moment food or beverage nowadays, coconut water is being touted for its many health advantages. And more than some of them aren’t backed by any medical studies or FDA endorsements. More Hydrating Than Water? The O.N.E. Web site states that coconut waterhas been proven more efficient than hydrating with plain water, and that coconut water contains all five of the essential electrolytes needed for effective rehydration. Zico calls coconut water the ultimate rehydration drink and notes that its lower in acidity than the drinks and juices.

Boosts Your Immune System? Taste Nirvana goes even further, making claims coconut water boosts your immunity system, balances your pH, raises your metabolic process, boosts circulation, encourages weight reduction and cleanses your digestion tract, among other attributes. Removes Wrinkles? one or more coconut water source states that the product gets rid of wrinkles. One book on the subject cites the curing of cataracts. Hangover Cure? My favored claim, one Ive seen all over the internet, is that coconut water is an unequaled hangover cure. And after that, you’ve to believe your source. The worst half truth I saw on coconut water is declared boldly on several web sites I deem both irresponsible and unreliable.